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Online Gambling -  The blackjack games have all the good rules - Bonuses and comps. They can be very generous at times


The links to 888casino open on its own page because in states where gambling is illegal the pages with banners will not load. As I want the information on "The Color of Blackjack" to be accessible to all I found this to be the best workaround.




Mousepad with blackjack basic strategy imprinted on it

If you choose to gamble online the first and most important step is picking the right casino.

Believe me it is a jungle out there. You must be careful. Before I go any further I should state that 888Casino meets all the criterion I am about to list.

1) Integerty is number one. The games must be honest and you must be paid your winnings.
2) The software platform is outstanding. Speed, graphics and the feel of a real casino are superb. It has lots of interesting games and good progressive jackpots.
3) Toll free support by telephone. If you have a problem you want to talk to a real person. You want your online casino to be large enough to offer this service.
4) Bonuses must be generous and frequent. Land based casinos give you food and drink. The online casino equivalent is the cash bonus.
5) Play for free option. This lets you practice. More about this later.

Practice is the key to success in all fields. Click free download on 888casino. A page of standard regulations  will appear. Read and click agree. Choose a currency. You will receive a user name and password. Save them. This all shoud take a minute or two. Now click on play for free. That's it. You can practice all you want at no cost.  Go at the speed you are comfortable with. Leave and return whenever you desire.

Test yourself. Play 20 hands without looking at the chart. Click on history and the hands you just played will appear in a neat column. Go down the column while checking it against the chart. Not only are you learning but is great fun at no cost.

May you have good cards